Our Values -


Among the many essential pillars that support a company are its ideals. They reflect what is important, what makes a company special, what everyone is actively committed to and what people can rely on during the day-to-day running of the business. The six values that are especially important to us at pfm medical UK have been with us from the very start and remain an essential guide in all that we do.


“It is people who make a company exceptional or average” – Richard Branson


Clarity -

In all our thoughts and actions we are focused on goals and results, and assume responsibility for the tasks and projects that we take on.

By actively listening, we make sure that we have been understood correctly.

We are part of a culture in which asking is not perceived as being annoying or stupid.


Trust -

We are receptive to new things – whether this is people or ideas.

We are convinced that working relationships based on trust can grow. Fully developed trust does not invalidate our professional rules of the game, in terms of reporting channels, QM, processes, risk management and so on.

We are part of a culture that promotes openness, transparency and entrepreneurship, we trust each other.


Loyalty -

We do everything in the interest of the company, unless a particular action clashes with our own values, rules or generally acknowledged principles.

We are socially responsible, we represent our company positively to the outside world and show loyalty to our customers.


Pride -

We are proud of the company’s achievements and of being part of a team that creates useful products with many benefits.

We want a positive and motivating environment.


Respect -

We deal with each other in a respectful manner.

We promote diversity of opinion, yet accept decisions and back them.


Fun -

We feel it is important to enjoy the work you do, with the colleagues you work with, in the environment you work in.

Work hard, have fun.