Tissue Matrix in General Surgery

Tissue matrix options in general surgery –

Fortiva® 1.5mm Tissue Matrix

Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated

Product Description

Fortiva® 1.5mm Tissue Matrix –

Give you patients a tissue matrix with the strength they need. Fortiva® 1.5mm Tissue Matrix provides consistent strength that is needed for large open ventral hernias.

No Preservative Chemicals – Our matrices are processed through a delicate proprietary system, which helps retain key implant properties. From packet to patient, Fortiva® 1.5mm Tissue Matrix is ready to use right from the pack. Fortiva® 1.5mm Tissue Matrix is stored in pharma grade wate, eliminating the need to rinse away harsh chemicals, polysorbate 20 or phosphate buffers.

  • Save time with no need for lengthy rinsing
  • Reduce risk of patient reaction, or sensitivity to preservation chemicals

Consistently Strong, Long-Lasting Matrix –

  • Unique Manufacturing gives a consistent 1.5mm thickness for a uniform repair
  • Stronger than the competition in tensile strength and burst strength
  • Next generation manufacturing created a new standard in procine dermis sourced biologics
  • Ideal for large open abdominal defects where implant strength is needed

Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated –

Thin, yet amazingly strong, Ideal for Laparoscopic Procedures – A tissue matrix derived from incredibly think 0.5mm yet strong bovine pericardium, Tutomesh® can be used via trocar insertion – enabling larger sizes for procedures where a soft implant is essential.

The Original Perforated Tissue Matrix – We’ve always known that perforations have been important in allowing fluid to flow across the membrane while allowing tissue to penetrate the heart of the implant.

A Wide Range of Shapes and Sizes – For flexibility with your own procedure technique, Tutomesh® is available in a range of sizes – square and oval.

Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair –

  • Tutomesh® is only 0.5mm thick and incredibly strong – allowing ease of passing through trocars, yet large coverage
  • Biological matrix is ideal for hiatal hernia repair
  • Naturally soft structure conforms around the oesophagus
  • Natural structure allows for ease of needle passing – important in laparoscopic suturing

Laparoscopic Parastomal Repair –

  • Soft and conformable, bovine pericardium has been a matrix of choice for laparoscopic parastomal repair
  • Placing biologic tissue matrices in contaminated grade 3 procedures, when there is a stoma present, has been a recommendation of the Ventral Hernia Working Group (VHWG)
  • Tutomesh® is incredibly strong, yet thin – enabling these complex repairs

Ordering Information –

Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated
Ref – Description –
68440 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 4x5cm
68441 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 6x8cm
68445 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 6x18cm
68442 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 8x12cm
68446 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 8x18cm
68443 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 12x16cm
68444 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 12x20cm
68543 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 10x16cm Oval
68540 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 11x18cm Oval
68541 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 12x2cm Oval
68542 Tutomesh® 0.5mm Perforated 13x22cm Oval
Fortiva® 1.5mm Tissue Matrix
Ref – Description –
61111 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 6x6cm
61110 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 8x8cm
61119 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 8x16cm
61107 Fortiva®  Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 8x22cm
61109 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 10x10cm
61108 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 10x16cm
61106 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 10x25cm
61105 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 16x20cm
61104 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 20x20cm
61103 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 20x25cm
61102 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 20x35cm
61101 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 30x30cm
61100 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm 35x35cm
61207 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 8x22cm
61209 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 10x10cm
61208 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 10x16cm
61206 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 10x25cm
61205 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 16x20cm
61204 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 20x20cm
61203 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 20x25cm
61202 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 20x35cm
61201 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 30x30cm
61200 Fortiva® Tissue Matrix 1.5mm Perforated 35x35cm

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