TiLOOP® MPX is an extralight and ultrasoft, titanised polypropylene mesh designed for a breast lift or reduction.

Product Description

Benefits –

Outstanding biocompatibility – The mesh implant is titanised, very lightweight and hydrophilic and thus outstandingly biocompatible.

Excellent quality of life combined with shorter convalescence – Outstanding biocompatibility keeps inflammation rates, shrinkage and migration to a minimum and ensures shorter convalescence. The implant is not recognized as a foreign body, and postoperative pain is prevented.

Globally unique technology – The nanotechnological finishing process for the covalent bonding of polypropylene and the titanium-dioxide surface is patented and thus completely unique.

Customised products – Individual mesh implants according to customer requirements complement the comprehensive, indication-specific portfolio of mesh implants. This has been made possible thanks to a special approval process for customised products.

Details –

  • Laser-cut edges
  • Large-pore structure
  • Monofilament fabric

Technical Data –

Tissue-supporting mesh implant for Breast Lift or Reduction

  • Material: polypropylene with covalently bonded titanised surface
  • Thickness of titanisation layer: approx. 30–50 nm
  • Fabric: knitted monofilament fibres
  • Edging: laser cut, rounded
Sizes (mm)
a b c d
Small 50 85 60 65
Medium 55 92.5 80 72.5
Large 60 100 100 90










Surgical Technique –

Only use  cone shaped mesh when using a central mound or inferior pedicle technique. Skin Flaps should be thick enough to be viable and to ensure the mesh is impalpable. Skin excision should be conservative to prevent wound breakdown and mesh exposure.

  • When fixing the mesh to the chest wall sit the patient at 45-50 degrees
  • Use a non absorbable monofilament suture for fixation
  • Commence the fixation medially to the soft costal cartilages and Pectoralis Major muscle working clockwise from the 1 o’clock position on the right side and counter clockwise from the 11 o’clock position on the left side
  • Fix to the inframammary fold
  • Adjust the tension, projection and position of the breast by fixing the lateral side to the Serratus Anterior and Pectoralis Major muscles
  • Fix the mesh superiorly to the Pectoralis Major muscle at the 12o’clock position
  • Finally tack the areolar aperture to the breas mound at least 1cm from the perareolar closure
  • If there is redundant mesh superiorly, double breast the mesh with sutures. Do not cut the mesh
  • Sit the patient at 90 degrees and check final symmetry before skin closure
  • Use absorbable monofilament for skin closure
  • Trim excess skin as required
  • Skin closure must be tension free

Manufacturer –

pfm medical titanium gmbh

Höfener Straße 45

90431 Nürnberg, Germany

Clinical Studies

For information on clinical studies, click here.

Ordering Information –

Ref – Weight – Material – Size –
6001364 16g/m2, Extralight Titanised Polypropylene Small
6001366 16g/m2, Extralight Titanised Polypropylene Medium
6001368 16g/m2, Extralight Titanised Polypropylene Large