EZ Huber™ – Safety Port Needle

The EZ Huber® is a safety Needle for puncturing implanted port systems. A safety mechanism reduces the risk of being injured by the needle and protects users from infection.

Product Description

Benefits –

Patented safety mechanism – The patented EZ Huber™ safety mechanism reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and provides protection against infection. The safety mechanism is activated automatically when the cannula is extracted. An audible click indicates that the cannula is safely locked inside the housing. The EZ Huber™ meets the requirements of the TRBA 250 for security products. *

Unique protective sheath – The unique, patented sheath completely covers the cannula when it is withdrawn from the port and, after usage, affords protection against contact with bodily fluids and germs. The protective sheath effectively prevents the risk of cross-contamination.

Biocompatible material – The use of extra biocompatible materials – containing no latex or DEHP – affords the patient additional protection. Infusion of aggressive medication without material damage is still possible.

* TRBA 250: German technical regulations governing biological working materials in health care and welfare work.

Details –

  • The EZ Huber™ is suitable for high-pressure injection procedures involving (not version SHNxx-60) pressures up to 21 bar / 300 psi, when administering a contrast medium, for example, during computer tomography examinations (only in combination with an appropriate port system, such as T-Port Contrast developed by pfm medical ag).
  • The EZ Huber™’s retaining wings provide a good grip to ensure convenient puncturing procedures and easy removal of the cannula.
  • The configuration of the retaining wings and the transparent base make it possible to conduct a visual inspection of the injection point to detect any signs of infection in good time.
  • The ring-shaped foam padding prevents the patient suffering pressure marks or skin irritation.
  • The design of the EZ Huber™ features a very flat construction which provides a good fit and more comfort for the patient.
  • The moveable base can compensate for any length tolerances and stabilise the cannula during use.
  • It may be possible to dispense with the need for an underlay/compress. Please refer to the relevant internal regulations that apply.
  • The EZ Huber™’s simple mode of operation does not require any changes in the usual routine with respect to the use of port cannulas.
  • The EZ Huber™ with Y-formation allows additional medication to be administered without interrupting an infusion in progress.

Handling –

(1) Insert – Remove needle cap. Insert needle into skin over port. Ensure needle has reached bottom of port.
(2) Remove – Stabilise port by placing two fingers on the base of the EZ Huber™. Withdraw the needle by pulling up on the wings of the EZ Huber™.
(3) Dispose – Dispose as per institutional protocol.

Manufacturer – 

Bard Access System, Inc.

605 North 5600 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84116 USA

Ordering Information –

Ref – Version – Colour Code – Size – PU –
SHG19-100 Extension 180mm Brown 19Gx25mm 25
SHG19-100Y Extension with Y-Site Brown 19Gx25mm 25
SHG19-150 Extension 180mm Brown 19Gx38mm 25
SHG19-150Y Extension with Y-Site Brown 19Gx38mm 25
SHG19-75 Extension 180mm Brown 19Gx19mm 25
SHG19-75Y Extension with Y-Site Brown 19Gx19mm 25
SHG20-100 Extension 180mm Yellow 20Gx25mm 25
SHG20-100Y Extension with Y-Site Yellow 20Gx25mm 25
SHG20-150 Extension 180mm Yellow 20Gx38mm 25
SHG20-150Y Extension with Y-Site Yellow 20Gx38mm 25
SHG20-75 Extension 180mm Yellow 20Gx19mm 25
SHG20-75Y Extension with Y-Site Yellow 20Gx19mm 25
SHG22-100 Extension 180mm Black 22Gx25mm 25
SHG22-100Y Extension with Y-Site Black 22Gx25mm 25
SHG22-150 Extension 180mm Black 22Gx38mm 25
SHG22-150Y Extension with Y-Site Black 22Gx38mm 25
SHG22-75 Extension 180mm Black 22Gx19mm 25
SHG22-75Y Extension with Y-Site Black 22Gx19mm 25
SHN19-60 Extension 180mm Brown 19Gx15mm 25
SHN20-60 Extension 180mm Yellow 20Gx15mm 25
SHN22-60 Extension 180mm Black 22Gx15mm 25

Version SHNxx-60 is not suitable for high-pressure injection procedures.

EZ Huber Needle Brochure