High-Vacuum Drainage

The High-Vacuum Redon Sets for post-operative wound drainage consist of a Redon Bottle, a connecting tube and a single use needle. The Redon Set is suitable for initial placement during surgery and contains all needed components.

Product Description

Benefits –

Complete Set – In addition to the Redon Bottle with connecting tube, the set also contains a drain and a suitable disposable needle.

High Initial Vacuum – The Redon Bottle has a high initial vacuum of max. 98,000 Pa.

Redon Connection Tube – Tube with transparent universal Redon Connector for connection to the drain is attached.

Details –

  • Crystal-Clear material for reliable qualitative assessment of secretions
  • Rough and fine graduation for at-a-glance information about current fill levels
  • Integrated vacuum indicator with qualitative min/max indication
  • Quick Release fasteners included
  • Latex-Free / Redon Bottle and Drain DEHP-Free

Technical Data –

  • Bottle Volume – 600ml
  • Drain size: 12-16CH
  • Drain Length – 75cm
  • Drain Perforation Length – 15cm

Manufacturer –

pfm medical mepro gmbh

Am Söterberg 4

66620 Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen, Germany

Ordering Information – 

REF Volume Connection Drain Size PU
21502 600ml Leur-Lock CH 10 25
20569 600ml Leur-Lock CH 12 25
20567 600ml Leur-Lock CH 14 25
20568 600ml Leur-Lock CH 16 25

Wound Drain Brochure