A range of stains for histology, cytology haematology and microbiology and other reagents for both staining and processing, decalcification and fixation as well as high quality paraffin wax are available.

Product Description

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Stain Quick

A differential stain designed for use on smears and useful to visualise heamapoietic cells.

Ref – Description –
PRC/SQ/1/500 Stain Quick Solution – red-500ml
PRC/SQ/1/1L Stain Quick Solution – red-1 litre
PRC/SQ/1/5L Stain Quick Solution – red -5 litre
PRC/SQ/2/500 Stain Quick Solution – blue-500ml
PRC/SQ/2/1L Stain Quick Solution – blue -1 litre
PRC/SQ/2/5L Stain Quick Solution – blue -5 litre
PRC/SQ/Kit Stain quick kit


A range of Haematoxylins designed to produce quality reproducible results.

Ref – Description –
PRC/R/131 Carazzi’s Haematoxylin – 1 litre
PRC/R/78 Cole’s Haematoxylin -1 litre
PRC/13/2 Gill’s 1 Haematoxylin-1 litre
PRC/13/1 Gill’s 2 Haematoxylin-1 litre
PRC/13/1/2.5L Gill’s 2 Haematoxylin-2.5 litre (box of 8)
PRC/13/1/5L Gill’s 2 Haematoxylin-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/13/3 Gill’s 3 Haematoxylin-1 litre
PRC/13/3/2.5L Gill’s 3 Haematoxylin-2.5 litre (box of 8)
PRC/13/3/5L Gill’s 3 Haematoxylin-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/51 Harris’s (Mercury Free) (acidified) Haematoxylin – 1 litre
PRC/R/51/2.5L Harris’s (Mercury Free) (acidified) Haematoxylin – 2.5 litre (Box of 8)
PRC/R/51/5L Harris’s (Mercury Free) (acidified) Haematoxylin – 5 litre (Box of 4)
PRC/R/51/2 Harris’s (Mercury Free) (unacidified) Haematoxylin – 1 litre
PRC/R/51/2/2.5L Harris’s (Mercury Free) (unacidified) Haematoxylin – 2.5 litre (Box of 8)
PRC/R/51/2/5L Harris’s (Mercury Free) (unacidified) Haematoxylin – 5 litre (Box of 4)
PRC/R/42 Mayer’s Haematoxylin – 1 litre
PRC/R/42/5L Mayer’s Haematoxylin – 5 litre (Box of 4)

Cytology Stains

Ref – Description –
PRC/R/58 PRC Papanicolaou EA 50-1 litre
PRC/R/77 PRC Papanicolaou OG 6-1 litre
PRC/R/173 Giemsa Stain Modified-1 litre
PRC/R/173/5L Giemsa Stain Modified-5 litre

Staining Solutions

A range of counterstains and tinctorial stains to provide a reproducible result in all protocols.

Ref – Description –
PRC/66/1 Eosin (1% aqueous)-1 litre
PRC/66/1/2.5L Eosin (1% aqueous)-2.5 litre ( Box of 8)
PRC/66/1/5L Eosin (1% aqueous)-5 litre ( Box of 4)
PRC/R/68 Eosin (1% alcoholic)-1 litre
PRC/R/68/5L Eosin (1% alcoholic)-5 litre
PRC/R/54 Van Gieson’s Stain-1 litre
PRC/R/54/1 Van Gieson’s Stain (Curtis)-1 litre
PRC/R/108 Miller’s Elastin Stain-1 litre
PRC/41 Fuschin Cold AFB Stain-1 litre
PRC/R/55 Carbol Fuchsin (ZN)-1 litre
PRC/41 Carbol Fuchsin (Kinyoun)-500ml
PRC/42 Blue Counterstain Cold AFB Stain-1 litre
PRC/R/22 0.1% Nuclear Fast Red + 5% Alum Sul-100ml
PRC/R/137 Crystal violet ( 0.5% aqueous)-1 litre
PRC/R/53 Lugols iodine – 1 litre
PRC/21 Neutral Red (1% Aqueous)-1 litre
PRC/16 Feulgen Stain (Schiff’s Reagent)-1 litre
PRC/R/203 Malachite Green (0.1% Aqueous)
PRC/18 Methylene Blue (1% Aqueous) -1litre
PRC/44 Safranin (1% Aqueous)-1 litre

Histology Reagents

Designed to give reproducible results and avoid the need to store components which may be hazardous if stored in bulk.

Ref – Description –
PRC/R/76 Scott’s Tap Water Substitute-1 litre
PRC/R/76/2.5L Scott’s Tap Water Substitute-2.5 litre (box of 8)
PRC/R/76/5L Scott’s Tap Water Substitute-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/135 0.2% Gold Chloride-500ml
PRC/R/75 1% Acid Alcohol-1 litre
PRC/R/75/2.5L 1% Acid Alcohol-2.5 litre (Box of 8)
PRC/R/75/5L 1% Acid Alcohol-5 litre (Box of 4)
PRC/R/25 Glycerol-1 litre
PRC/R/101/1L Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) 99%-1 litre (box of 12)
PRC/R/101/5L Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) 99%-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/102/1L Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) 95%-1 litre (box of 12)
PRC/R/102/5L Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) 95%-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/103/1L Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) 70%-1 litre (box of 12)
PRC/R/103/5L Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) 70%-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/201/1L Xylene (sulphur free)-1 litre (box of 12)
PRC/R/201/5L Xylene (sulphur free)-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/506/1L Isopropanol-1 litre (box of 12)
PRC/R/506/5L Isopropanol-5 litre (box of 4)
PRC/R/505 Formaldehyde 40%-1 litre
PRC/R/175/1L Xylopath-1 litre (12 in a box)
PRC/R/175/5L Xylopath-5 litre (4 in a box)
PRC/R/89 Phosphate Buffered Saline-1 litre
PRC/R/14/5L Formalize sachet (neutralises 5L)Should be in Safety and Hygeine
PRC/R/14/10L Formalize buckett (neutralises 10L) Should be in Safety and Hygeine
PRC/FSK Formalin Spill Kit Should be in Safety and Hygeine
PRC/R/185 Phosphate Buffer Concentrate ph6.8(Sorenson)-100ml

Makes 5 litres when diluted with 1:50 with de-ionised water

PRC/R/501/1L pfm PROWAVE 1 litre (box of 12)
PRC/R/501/5L pfm PROWAVE 5 litre ( box of 4)


Ref – Description –
PRC/R/1 Bouins Solution (Bouins Picro Formal)-1 litre
PRC/R/2 10% Buffered Formal Saline (pH 6.6-7)-1 litre
PRC/R/4 10% Neutral Buffered Formal (pH6.9 – 7.1)-1 litre
PRC/R/4/5L 10% Neutral Buffered Formal (pH6.9 – 7.1)-5 litre
PRC/R/3 Davidsons Solution-1 litre
PRC/R/200 Davidsons Solution Modified-1 litre
PRC/R/38 Electron Microscopy Fixative (Parafix)-1 litre
PRC/R/40 Karnovskys Fixative (modified)-1 litre


A range of decalcifiers which are ready to use and avoid time consuming preparation and ensure reproducibility.

Ref – Description –
PRC/R/12 D.F.B. (Decalcifying Agent – H.K. Kristenson)-1 litre
PRC/R/12/2.5L D.F.B. (Decalcifying Agent – H.K. Kristenson)-2.5 litre(Box of 8)
PRC/R/12/5L D.F.B. (Decalcifying Agent – H.K. Kristenson)-5 litre (Box of 4)
PRC/R/118 EDTA Decalcifier-1 litre
PRC/R/118/2.5L EDTA Decalcifier-2.5 litre (Box of 8)
PRC/R/118/5L EDTA Decalcifier-5 litre (Box of 4)
PRC/R/132 EDTA + 10% Formalin Decalcifier-1 litre