pfm Safety Trimming Board

pfm medical offers a range of plastic trimming boards for safe and fast dissection.

Product Description

Benefits –

Application – The pfm Safety Trimming Board allows safe and fast dissection of tissue samples.

Predefined tissue thickness – A range of predefined tissue thicknesses are quick and easy to achieve due to integrated trimming inserts of high-quality stainless steel at varying depths (1.5 mm/2.0 mm/2.5 mm/3.8 mm).

Fixing of specimen – Tissue samples can be held safely in the trimming inserts using two fixing tampers of different diameters.

Removable trimming plate – A removable black plastic trimming plate serves as a cutting centre and is ideally suited as a support for small colourless tissue samples.

Circumferential drain channel – The circumferential drain channel with several drainage holes ensures that fluids drain off constantly.

Details –

  • Safe and fast dissection
  • Stainless steel trimming inserts
  • Two tampers
  • Integrated ruler
  • Removable black plastic trimming plate
  • Circumferential drain channel with drainage holes
  • Easy to clean

Technical Data –

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 420 x 350 x 35 mm
  • Ø Trimming plate: 60 mm
  • Trimming inserts: 1.5 mm/2.0 mm/2.5 mm/3.8 mm
  • Material: plastic

Knowledge –

The pfm Safety Trimming Board has been developed by pfm medical ag and is produced in Germany.

Manufacturer –

pfm medical ag

Wankelstraße 60

50996 Köln, Germany

Ordering Information –

Ref – Dimension – Version – Material – PU –
40300 (W/D/H) – 420x350x35mm pfm Safety Trimming Board Plastic 1

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