pfm primeMIDLINE®

The power Injectable primeMIDLINE® Catheter is designed to provide reliable peripheral access to the venous system. The primeMIDLINE® Catheter combines soft polyurethane material and a low-profile luer hub for patient comfort. All lumens are power injectable to eliminate the need to select the appropriate lumen and minimize interruption of work flow. The primeMIDLINE® Catheter offers the only high flow power injectable 3F midline catheter rated 5ml/sec.

Product Description

Benefits –

Soft Polyurethane Material – Body softness of the material to minimise risk of damage to the inner vessel wall and provide easier insertion of the device.

High Injection Rates – Provides optimal imaging for contrast studies. 5ml/sec for 3F Single Lumen Catheter and 7ml/sec for 4F and 5F single and Dual Lumen Catheters.

Low-Profile Luer Hubs – Lays flat for patient comfort under occlusive dressings, allows for easier grasping and twisting when changing connections and resists cracking and deformation.

3F High Performance Offering – Accommodates smaller vessels and minimises thrombotic risks. Able to achieve high flow performance at 5ml/sec.

True to Size Catheter – With no Taper at the Distal End.

Kit Components –

  • Midline Catheter
  • Tuohy Borst Side port with Pre-Loaded Stylet
  • Safety Introducer Needle 21G x 7cm with Echo Tip
  • Guidewire 45cm
  • Tearaway Introducer
  • Syringe 10cc
  • Safety Scalpel
  • Tape Measure
  • Neutral Needleless Valve
  • Statlock® Plus Securement Device

Ordering Information –

Ref – Lumens – French Size – Catheter Length (cm) – Lumen Gauge – Max CT Rate (ml/sec) Max Pressure (psi) – PU –
PFM3SML20P Single 3F 20 19G 5 300 5
PFM4SML20P Single 4F 20 18G 7 300 5
PFM5SML20P Single 5F 20 17G 7 300 5
PFM5DML20P Dual 5F 20 18G 7 300 5