pfm Histology Wax

A high quality, traditional wax that can be used for both processing and embedding.

Product Description

Benefits –

contains micro-crystalline hydrocarbons to aid penetration whilst retaining its excellent sectioning capabilities, but is free from DMSO.

Its melting point is 57-58C. The temperature of the waterbath should be between 35-44C.

It can be used in all tissue processors regardless of type.

Details –

  • High Quality
  • Good penetration
  • Used for processing and embedding
  • Choice of sizes
  • Does not contain DMSO
  • Micro-crystalline additives to aid penetration

Ordering Information –

Ref – Description – Packaging –
9000R2010 pfm Histology Wax 10KG Carton

Histology Wax Brochure