Wound Drainage

pfm medical UK have been influential in producing products for the healthcare market since 1971, and are now providing the NHS a new one-stop-shop offering for all Wound Drainage needs. This will ensure your hospital is using the same branded Wound Drains throughout the Trust. This in turn will make life simpler, more transparent and cost effective throughout the ordering process whether it’s through the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue, direct, or through your preferred current route to market.

Our post-operative Wound Drainage portfolio covers the whole range of drains needed during surgery, including High Vacuum drains, Low Vacuum drains, and Gravity Drains. In addition, pfm medical supply a range of sizes and accessories such as replacement bottles and exchange bags.

pfm medical Wound Drains are clinically approved and have numerous unique benefits for the end user.

High Vacuum Drainage –
The Redon Set is suitable for initial placement during surgery and contains all required components.

Low-Vacuum Drainage –
The low-vacuum system is a large capacity wound drainage system for manual evacuation in sensitive tissue using a constant low vacuum.

Gravity Drainage –
A closed Soft Drain set with pre-connected (detachable) drainage bag.