Vascular Access

Expertise in Vascular Access

A full range of vascular access products is available from pfm medical, including implantable ports and our Safety EZ Huber Needles, as well as PICC’s and Midlines.

pfm medical have an on going commitment to offering extensive and in-depth training and education, which plays a vital role for Patients, Practitioners and Clinicians.
Through evidence based learning and hands on practical sessions, programs are tailor made to your specific needs.
Training is delivered by our team of highly experienced Vascular Access Clinical Educators, for those who routinely place peripheral and central vascular access devices, striving to improve through support and innovation.

Contact us today to discuss our product range and to see how we can support your learning within Radiology, Anaesthetics, nurse-led IV Team & Vascular Access services, Home Care and Paediatrics to improve patient’s quality of life and experience.