Stains & Reagents

For Stains and Reagents a range of stains for histology, cytology haematology and microbiology and other reagents for both staining and processing, decalcification and fixation as well as high quality paraffin wax are available.

Kristensens Decalcifier – Which contains formic acid and sodium formate and is used for a gentle but rapid result.
EDTA – Decalcifier of choice if IHC is to be performed post decalcification.
Embedding Accessories – A range of pads, papers and bags for containment of specimens.
Embedding Cassettes – A range of cassettes packed loose, in hoppers or taped to suit.
Industrial Denatured Alcohol – Ideal for use in histoprocessors and staining protocols.
Prowave – One step reagent for use in Milestone Histoprocessors for routine tissues. It speeds up turnaround time and therefore lessens patient anxiety.
Xylene Subsitute – A safer alternative to xylene for use in processing and dewaxing.
pfm Histology Wax – A high quality paraffin wax with microcrystaline additives for processing and embedding. DMSO free. Small Crystal Size allows for rapid penetration.