Slide Stainer SS-30

pfm medical UKs Slide Stainer is an automated benchtop slide stainer designed to be used for staining with Histological or Cytological specimens. Available both with and without drying station.

Product Description

Features –

  • Allows simultaneous staining of routine and user specified staining protocols
  • 20 programs of up to 50 steps each
  • 5 racks can be used simultaneously
  • Each rack holds 30 slides
  • Adaptors are available for all popular coverslipper
  • 20 stations with a volume of 300ml each
  • Up to 3 wash stations, 2 loading stations and 3 unloading stations
  • Complete with fume extraction and charcoal filter
  • 12v transformer for safety

Benefits –

  • Small footprint
  • Continuous Staining
  • Adaptors for popular coverslipper baskets
  • 20 programs, user defined
  • Can take Supermega slides
  • 12v Transformer for safety
  • Fume extraction for safety
  • Reagent management
  • Easy connection to water supply

Ordering Information –


Ref Description PU
SS30 Staining Machine Complete 1
SS30H Staining machine Complete, with drying station 1
SS30-200 Load Station – Slide Rack Leica 1
SS30-201 Load Adapter – Plastic Slide Rack Leica 1
SS30-201B Load Adapter – Metal Slide Rack Leica 1
SS30-202 Holder Adpater – Slide Rack Sakura (20Slides) 1
SS30-203 Holder Adpater – Slide Rack Kilinipath (20 Slides) 1
SS30-210 Mega Slide Adaptor 1

Slide Stainer Brochure