Safety Trimming Blades

pfm medical ag offers a broad range of FEATHER® products for the fields of autopsy and dissection.

Product Description

Benefits –

User safety – The newly developed Safety Trimming Blades in conjunction with the Safety Trimming Blade Handle allow fast, easy blade changes thus providing users with increased safety and comfort in their daily laboratory work.

User protection – The individually wrapped blade holders prevent direct contact with the trimming blades thus protecting against injury and infection.

Details –

  • Fast, easy blade change
  • Individually packaged
  • Blades with covers
  • Only for use with FEATHER® Safety Trimming Blade Handle F-1326P
  • Non-sterile

Technical Data –

  • Material: carbon steel
  • Blade length: 130 mm or 260 mm

Manufacturer –

FEATHER® Safety Razor Co. Ltd.

Head Office


OSAKA 531-0075, JAPAN

Ordering Information –

Ref – Blade Length – PU –
206600130 130mm 10
206600260 260mm 10

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