Primera Signature Cassette Printer

Signature Cassette printer delivering stunning print quality on printable slides or tissue cassettes in black and colour.

Product Description

Benefits –

The Signature Cassette printer are designed on a proven thermal print technology that has been used for over 30 years.

The technology has been constantly enhanced over the years and as a result printers deliver stunning print quality on printable slides or tissue cassettes in black and they are the first in their class which offer colour printing.

The Signature printers are Windows compatible and can be used with any Windows based PC or easily integrated into an LIS system.

We offer an optional Stand-Alone solution which includes a touch screen computer, medical grade keyboard and mouse as well a 2D Scanner and preinstalled PTLab Software.

We also supply slides and cassettes for the printers to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

The new Signature Cassette Printer which is available now as a manual printer can be upgraded to an automated robot system with a 4×40=160 cassette magazine.

As the system is modular, the automatic magazine feeder can be added later therefore it is possible to buy the printer first and add the magazine option later.

Details –

  • Lowest noise emission compared to all other machines on the market
  • Standard Windows driver (Vista to Windows 8) with easy integration
  • Completely free PTLab and PTTemplate software with free lifetime updates
  • The cassette printer prints on all cassettes lid-on or lid-off.
  • The printer automatically adjusts from 35 to 45 degree surface angle which is not found in competitive units
  • Prints in both black and colour which is a unique feature
  • Lowest energy consumption in its class 2-16 Watts (12 Volt human-safe)
  • Built by a printer company with 40 years experience and more than one million machines sold in 230 countries

Ordering Information –

Ref – Description – PU –
78406 Signature Cassette Printer Only, with manual feed. EU Version. 1
78408 Signature Cassette Autoloader. EU Version 1
78209 PTlab PE Software (Professional Edition) 1

Primera Signature Cassette Printer

Further Information –

Primera Signature Cassette Printer