Modular Tissue Embedding Centre – EC 500

A modern, ergonomically designed modular embedding centre with user friendly controls and large working areas.

It has the ability to hold many cassettes in trays or in all commonly used Tissue Protector Baskets. It is easily programmable, user friendly and is available with our without heated forceps and magnifiers. It is manufactured in the EU and distributed by pfm medical UK Ltd.

Product Description

EC500-2: Dispensing Control

Features –

  • 5 litre paraffin reservoir
  • Individual programming of all temperatures
  • Automatic on/off with built in pre-determination of melting times
  • Non-working holiday periods automatically exempt from routine
  • Illuminated working area with white non glare LEDs
  • Heated area with 8 wells for forceps
  • Separate cold spot
  • Insulated working surfaces which are ergonomically shaped
  • Paraffin flow can be released manually (touch plate) or via footswitch (optional extra)
  • Adjustable paraffin flow for quick filling of larger cassettes
  • Two built in paraffin block trimmers
  • Adjustable paraffin dispenser paddle to accommodate Mega and Super Mega Cassettes
  • Swivelling large field magnifier (optional extra)
  • Urgent biopsies can be embedded at any time. In ‘standby mode’ paraffin reservoir and conduit is always heated (programmable)
  • Large well placed display buttons for easy programming
  • Integrated connector for heated forceps. Available in 1,2 and 4mm tip (optional extra)

Technical Details –

Dimensions (W x D x H):  
Console 345 x 641 x405 mm
Heated Area 340 x 253 mm
Cold Spot
Weight: 20.5kg
Adjustable Temperature Range:  
Paraffin reservoir: 40 – 70°C
Cassette storage: 40 – 70°C
Mold storage: 40 – 70°C
Heated area / Forceps wells 40 – 70°C
Electrically heated forceps: 60 – 75°C
Paraffin reservoir capacity: 5 litres
Cold spot temperature: 5°C
Optional extras  
  Electrically heated forceps 1, 2, and 4 mm tip

EC500-1: Cryo Console

Features –

  • Large cooling surface for up to 60 cassettes/molds
  • Selectable temperature between 0 and -12°C
  • Even temperature distribution over the entire surface
  • Can be positioned on the right or left side of dispensing console
  • Stand-alone operation possible

Technical Details –

Dimensions (W x D x H):  
Console 335 x 623 x 395 mm
Cold plate: 375 x 307 mm
Weight: 24.5kg
Selectable temperature range: 0 to -12°C

EC500-3: Thermal Console

Features –

  • Large storage capacity featuring removable trays with capacity for 2 baskets (200 cassettes) or 3 baskets (300 cassettes) without trays
  • Accommodates baskets from all types of commonly used tissue processors
  • Mold storage with capacity for more and 400 molds
  • High profile cover for cassette storage
  • Unit works only when connected to embedding console
Dimensions (W x D x H):  
Console 340 x 623 x 395 mm
Storage for cassettes: 269 x 510 x 88 mm
Removable trays 262 x 175 55 mm
Storage for molds: 275 x 170 x 180 mm
Weight 16kg

Ordering Information –

Ref – Description – PU –
EC500 Complete Embedding Centre 1
Magnifier 1
Footswitch 1
EC592-2001 Heated Forceps 1mm 1
EC592-2002 Heated Forceps 2mm 1
EC592-2003 Heated Forceps 3mm 1

Modular Tissue Embedding Centre Brochure