Product Launch – PowerWand XL – Not all Midlines are Created Equal

21/12/2015 UK

Why? Because only one, the POWERWAND; is made of Chronoflex C. A robust POWERWAND midline program has been proven to reduce CLABSIs by reducing central line days.

This is because unnecessary central lines are avoided and necessary central lines are removed more quickly when POWERWANDs are present. Why? Because made with Chronoflex C, only the POWERWAND offers a catheter that is high-flow (130-160 ml/min), blood-drawable and kink-resistant.

With this knowledge, clinicians trust the POWERWAND to perform when they need it most.

The performance clinicians have come to trust is driven through the following unique features of the POWERWAND:

  • Infection Prevention: Over 11,000 catheter days with ZERO bloodstream infections (BSIs)
    • Supported by 4 peer-reviewed publications and 6 scientific posters
    • Demonstrates less fibrin and thrombus formation in comparison to other leading catheters (in-vivo)
    • As seen in Figure 1, it demonstrates less fibrin and thrombus formation in comparison to other leading catheters (in-vivo)
  • High flow: Highest flow rates of any midline catheter: 130-160 mL/min
  • Unparalleled power injection: The best power injection performance rating in the market: 8mL/sec @ 325 psi for 10 cycles
  • Superior blood drawability: In comparison to PIVs and other midlines, the Powerwand has superior blood drawability: 60-99% blood drawable for full length of stay
  • Kink resistant: Unlike other catheters, the unique material of the POWERWAND catheter, Chronoflex C, is very kink resistant, allowing for reliable performance without impediments
  • No trimming: No trimming means a reduction in DVTs11, there are no jagged edges from trimming. The thermoformed ChronoFlex C offers a smooth non-irritating POWERWAND catheter tip.
  • Echogenic: Echogenic properties of POWERWAND catheter allows for ultrasound visualization once in the vein

Other midlines just do not measure up. None is high flow. None has proven blood-drawability. And no other midline has the POWERWAND’s patented kink-resistance. The reason is simple: other midlines are made of materials that may kink and occlude.

Now, the POWERWAND boasts 8ml/sec, 325 psi, 10 cycle power-injectability. Couple this superior performance with the fact that over 11,000 POWERWAND catheter-days of study have resulted in ZERO published BSIs, and you have ample evidence of the finest peripheral vascular access device ever made.

The POWERWAND made of Chronoflex C, a midline without equal.

The POWERWAND is available in different kit options of 4Fr (8cm and 10cm) along with 5Fr (8cm and 10cm).

POWERWAND™ is a registered trademark of Access Scientific, LLC

ChronoFlex® C is a registered trademark of AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation

POWERWAND™ is distributed in the UK by pfm medical UK Ltd


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