pfm medical switches to in-house production of precision equipment for histological laboratories

31/01/2015 Cologne

Following the founding of pfm medical tec gmbh, the medical technology company now has its own production facility for microtomes and laboratory equipment. Thus, in future pfm medical will be able to cover the entire value chain within the company, from development through production to maintenance, and training.  The company can consequently develop and launch products both faster and more independently. The new production facility is located in Dielheim, near Heidelberg.

pfm medical has been conceiving and developing precision equipment for use in histological laboratories in clinics and research centres since 1996. With an in-company production facility pfm medical can react faster to customer modification requirements, further develop products, and produce independently, so as to be able to supply innovations to the market without delay.  In addition to development and manufacturing of the products, the company can now also offer customer training courses and maintenance services in Dielheim. The company has been selling microtomes and laboratory equipment around the world since 1996. In addition, pfm medical has also been the exclusive European distributor of microtome blades from the Japanese Feather company for more than forty years.

‘The foundation

of our new production facility is the next logical step for us if we are to cover the entire value chain in the field of histological laboratory equipment. We are phasing out the previously out-sourced production, so as to be able to react faster and better to changing market requirements’, said Aurel Schoeller, CEO of pfm medical ag, when explaining the reasons for the in-house production. ‘With the foundation of pfm medical tec gmbh we are expanding our market position in the field of histology, and at the same time strengthening our production base in Germany. We consider this to be an important signal to our customers, who expect the usual high quality from us, which we can only guarantee in Germany.’