pfm medical Expands Portfolio in Breast Cancer Diagnostics

08.05.2019 Germany

Israeli medical technology start-up ClearCut Medical has granted pfm medical exclusive European distribution rights for the innovative ClearSight™ system. With the ClearSight™ system, the Cologne-based medical technology company is expanding its breast surgery portfolio with a groundbreaking method for accurate margin evaluation in breast cancer. By enabling the performance of magnetic resonance imaging in an intraoperative environment, the ClearSight™ system can reduce the need for second surgery by up to 80%.1   

Annually more than 200,000 breast cancer patients globally must undergo additional surgery after attempted removal of a breast tumor because further pathologic analysis indicates tumor cells have remained in the body. The ClearSight™ system is a mobile MRI system that quickly and accurately analyzes the removed tumor tissue during surgery indicating whether tumor cells remain in the patient. On the basis of this imaging, the surgeon evaluates whether or not further tissue shaving is necessary to fully clear the patient of malignant cells. Study results show that this new and novel intraoperative application of MRI technology can reduce the re-resection rate by up to 80%.1

Jim Buck, President & CEO of ClearCut Medical, commented on the significance of the study results: “With our ClearSightTM system, we are enabling unprecedented progress in breast conserving surgery. With pfm medical, we have a uniquely competent partner to familiarize surgeons in Europe with the ClearSight™ MRI System. This important partnership will help many patients avoid unnecessary surgeries and, correspondingly, save payers millions of euros.”

With pfm medical – the leading company in the development, manufacture and sale of titanized mesh implants for reconstructive breast surgery – ClearCut Medical has gained a partner with 10 years of expertise and sales competence in the field of breast surgery who is also financially involved in the Israeli start-up company. “Investing in this innovative technology is a logical step in accordance with our company’s mission “Improving Quality of Life”, says Aurel Schoeller, Chairman of the Management Board of pfm medical ag.

1 Thill M, Van Haasteren V., at al., Successful Intraoperative Margin Assessment In Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ and Invasive Breast Cancer With Diffusion Weighted MRI Using ClearSight™ System. 62. DGGG, Berlin 31.10.-