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Unique and Innovative, the first Wireless Forceps from pfm medical

25/01/2021 Global

The pfm Forceps EWF 600 is the first wireless heated forceps for safe transfer and alignment of tissue samples during embedding in histologic laboratories.

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Availability and benefits of pfm medical vascular access devices during COVID-19 pandemic

22/06/2020 Global

A recent publication from a group of GAVeCeLT (Gruppo Accessi Venosi Centrali a Lungo Termine) experts, led by Dr. Mauro Pittiruti, provides considerations for appropriate vascular access devices for COVID-19 patients, based on the unique clinical challenges they present.

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pfm medical Expands Portfolio in Breast Cancer Diagnostics

18/10/2017 UK

Israeli medical technology start-up ClearCut Medical has granted pfm medical exclusive European distribution rights for the innovative ClearSight™ system.

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The TiLOOP® Bra Pocket - The first synthetic mesh for prepectoral implant-based breast reconstruction.

18/10/2017 UK

With the new TiLOOP® Bra Pocket pfm medical becomes the world's only manufacturer to offer a pocket of titanium-coated, synthetic mesh material for prepectoral breast reconstruction, for instance after mastectomy with preservation of skin and nipple.

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Newport Hospital is First in Wales to Offer Innovative Internal Bra Breast Procedure

18/10/2017 UK

St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport has become the first hospital in Wales to offer pioneering mesh internal bra technology to patients undergoing a breast uplift or reduction.


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25/04/2017 Pics (C) HUW JOHN



Breast Cancer Patient is one of the First to have TiLOOP Bra Fitted in the UK

04/01/2017 UK

A breast cancer patient from Alderley Edge in Cheshire is one of the first privately in the UK to have a TiLOOP Bra Implant.

Retired casino manager, Lorraine Gilmartin, 62, had the innovative ‘mesh bra’ surgery after a mastectomy following diagnosis of cancer in her right breast.

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pfm medical UK Opens New Offices and Warehouse

01/08/2016 UK

pfm medical UK Ltd are delighted to announce that the move to the new offices and warehouse has now been completed.

The office and warehouse space has increased giving pfm medical more room to grow the expanding business in the UK.

The new UK head office will include a state of the art Histology presentation lab.

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Product Launch - PowerWand XL - Not all Midlines are Created Equal

21/12/2015 UK

Not all Midlines are Created Equal

Why? Because only one, the POWERWAND; is made of Chronoflex C. A robust POWERWAND midline program has been proven to reduce CLABSIs by reducing central line days.

This is because unnecessary central lines are avoided and necessary central lines are removed more quickly when POWERWANDs are present(1). Why? Because made with Chronoflex C, only the POWERWAND offers a catheter that is high-flow (130-160 ml/min), blood-drawable and kink-resistant.

With this knowledge, clinicians trust the POWERWAND to perform when they need it most.

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Patients in Halton, St Helens and Knowsley benefit from community nurse’s POWERWAND innovation

01/10/2015 UK

Patients needing intravenous (IV) medication are experiencing improved care thanks to a breakthrough by community nurse Pam McGrail.

She has become the first community nurse in the UK to offer a unique medical device called the POWERWAND at their local clinic or health centre. Until Pam began to offer this service the POWERWAND was previously only available to patients in hospital.

Pam works for the Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Halton, St Helens and Knowsley Community Intravenous Therapy Team.

The POWERWAND is manufactured by Access Scientific in the USA and distributed in the UK by pfm medical UK Ltd.

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Powerwand Story 

pfm medical steadily continues its course for growth in 2014

18/05/2015 Worldwide

Share of sales of products developed and manufactured in-house is on the rise

Success at international level, especially in the key US market

First quarter of 2015: Sales grow at 9%

In the business year 2014 (January to December 2014), pfm medical was able to further extend its growth in terms of profit and sales. In the period under review, consolidated sales amounted to € 95.4 million, corresponding to a year-on-year increase of 8% (previous year: € 88.5 million). In parallel, the company’s EBIT grew by 45.8% to just under € 9.6 million in comparison to the same period of last year (€ 6.6 million). The number of employees across the company rose slightly as well, from 450 to 465 (as of 30 March 2015).

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pfm medical switches to in-house production of precision equipment for histological laboratories

31/01/2015 Cologne

Following the founding of pfm medical tec gmbh, the medical technology company now has its own production facility for microtomes and laboratory equipment. Thus, in future pfm medical will be able to cover the entire value chain within the company, from development through production to maintenance, and training.  The company can consequently develop and launch products both faster and more independently. The new production facility is located in Dielheim, near Heidelberg.

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pfm medical donates supplies to regions affected by Ebola

19/01/2015 Cologne

pfm medical ag donates consumables to aid medical care. The Cologne medical technology company responded to a request put out by BVMed, Germany’s national medical industry organisation, to its member companies across Germany. The aid initiative was launched by the CDU member of national parliament Thomas Stritzl from the city of Kiel.

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