Breast Reconstruction –

Following the diagnosis of breast cancer, which again and again leaves women of all ages most deeply shocked, experience has shown that a great many questions are thrown up. One question raised is whether there is a safe option of reconstructing an amputated breast as true to life as possible. It is good to know that medicine has made great progress in this area. In many cases it is possible to reconstruct the breast appealingly either during the course of the cancer treatment or once treatment has finished.

Things to Know

  • A breast reconstruction means additional operations and requires a great deal of patience.
  • However, it can be entirely worthwhile if you think that you will again feel ‘more complete’ and thus more comfortable in your skin.
  • In addition to boosting self-confidence, possible orthopaedic problems, such as painful tension in the back, which can be attributed to the imbalance in the breast area, can be avoided with breast reconstruction.
  • Please talk to your doctor at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss your individual needs and options. In answering your questions he or she will be able to give you valuable advice in making decisions.

Two Methods of Breast Reconstruction

  • If the breast is to be replicated after an amputation, this can be achieved – depending on the individual diagnosis – either by using autologous tissue or a silicone implant.
  • The operatively more demanding method with autologous tissue implies that the doctor takes cutaneous tissue, muscle tissue and fatty tissue from suitable sites (such as the back, bottom or thigh) in order to use it to render the breast in its original shape.
  • By comparison, using a silicone implant is simpler.
  • In the majority of cases it is placed under the chest muscle for good and unobtrusive support.
  • If the chest muscle is not strong enough, which is relatively common, ultra-light titanium-coated meshes can be used as fixing aids.

pfm medical’s TiLOOP® Bra

  • The very delicate, biocompatible and flexible tissue TiLOOP® Bra was developed by pfm medical in order to make the use of silicone implants even better and more secure.
  • In place of the chest muscle it takes over stabilisation of the implant. Individually cut to shape, it fits every silicone cushion.
  • TiLOOP® Bra has many advantages –
    • Supports and stabilises the chest muscle in its function.
    • Ensures the best possible position of the implant on a permanent basis.
    • Therefore eliminating the slipping or twisting of the silicone cushion.
    • Prevents the risk of capsular fibrosis.

The fine, mesh-like tissue grows in completely and can remain in the body forever. The super-thin titanium coating helps to reduce rejection reactions to a minimum. Simply ask your doctor for further information on breast reconstruction, the treatment options available and the advanced combination of implant and TiLOOP® Bra.

Click on the link below to see a pdf version of our patients breast reconstruction guide.

Breast Reconstruction After Cancer