Surgical Implants –

Our unique titanized meshes are designed for ultimate bio-compatibility and strength. The structure and shape enables easier handling and studies show superior clinical results.

The extra light titanized mesh portfolio covers the following ranges: TiMESH® for hernia repair and TiLOOP® for breast reconstruction. They all offer unique solutions for surgeons and exceptional results for the patient.

pfm medical has been producing and marketing titanium enhanced mesh implants since 2002. The patented titanization process features covalent bonding of the plastic part of the implants to a titanium surface just a few nanometers thick.

The TiLOOP® Bra mesh implant is suitable for reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy. Like all the titanised products from pfm medical, it helps shorten the convalescence period following an operation. Thanks to its light weight and high biocompatibility, the mesh implant is hardly recognized by the body as a foreign object.

Our Mission Statement: “Titanium – the strength and core of our people. Our innovative technology can reduce operating times, assist surgeons and improve clinical outcomes. The patients are our primary focus and we strive to maintain quality, experience and efficiency while delivering our tailored solutions.”

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