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The pfm medical UK Histology sales team sells and advises on our high quality products for use in all types of Cellular Pathology Laboratories.

Our products are innovative, often unique and are suitable for Dissection, Fixation, Specimen Preparation, Histoprocessing, Embedding and Microtomy. They include FEATHER®, a range of consumables including microslides and processing cassettes, Davidsons® Tissue Marking Dyes, stains and reagents and pfm Histology Wax. We supply capital equipment manufactured in Germany including a full range of microtomes. We distribute the Primera Slide and Cassette Printers, PathLite Digital Imaging System and are constantly looking to increase our product portfolio with customer needs in mind. We provide excellent customer service and support, enviable next day delivery statistics, expertise, training and service across the product range.

pfm medical has been designing and developing microtomes and laboratory equipment since 1996. These in-house innovations are produced in Germany and marketed worldwide using the latest manufacturing technologies.

Since 1973, pfm medical has been the exclusive distributor in Europe of high-quality products from the Japanese company, FEATHER® Safety Razor Co. Its microtome blades and handles and blades for autopsy, dissecting, and trimming, offer the highest standards of precision.

Our Mission Statement: “Histotechnology UK supplies consumables and capital equipment to cellular pathology. We source, manufacture and supply high quality products whilst providing experience and excellent customer service to meet the needs of our customers.”

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