pfm medical and FEATHER® – Long Established and Highly Prized

pfm medical and the Japanese company FEATHER® Safety Razor have been in partnership for many decades. Since 1973, we have been the sole European distributor for the medical product range offered by the Japanese blade specialist. Our customers are the ones that benefit the most from this partnership built on mutual trust. From the very beginning, there has been a consistent transfer of knowledge resulting in numerous innovations, unmatched quality and jointly developed products.

FEATHER® – top-quality blades and scalpels from Japan –

The Japanese manufacturer FEATHER® is a specialist in medical blades. The portfolio meets the highest requirements by surgeons, histologists and pathologists.

The areas of application include:

  • Surgery – disposable scalpels and blades
  • Microsurgery – specialised instruments for precision and safety
  • Histology and pathology – microtome blades/holders, autopsy blades/holders, section blades/holders and trimming blades / holders
  • Ophthalmology – microscalpels (made with aluminium and plastic for disposable and reusable options)

780 years of history and tradition in the “city of swords” –

FEATHER® was established in Seki in 1932. The Japanese city of Seki in Gifu province is world famous for forged swords and knives; their production in the city continues to this day in the same tradition as 780 years ago. It goes without saying that this city of swords is the perfect location for a company producing razors, blades and scalpels for a particularly discerning group of customers.

FEATHER® is now one of the global market leaders in this field. Presently the business divisions of production, research and development and the FEATHER® blade museum are at different locations across Gifu province.

FEATHER® is certified according to ISO 13485.

Head Office –

FEATHER® Safety Razor Co. Ltd.
OSAKA 531-0075, JAPAN

Naoto Fujita

T +81 (0)6-6458-1638
F +81 (0)6-6458-1611