PowerWand XL®

The Powerwand XL® is an 8cm ultrasound guided, power injectable extended dwell catheter. It is delivered via the Accelerated Micro Seldinger Technique with no tearaway sheath, and secured with the GripLok® stabilisation device.

The Powerwand XL® represents the the third option for vascular access.

Where PICC’s and PIV’s will not or cannot work, think Powerwand XL®.

Product Description

Benefits –

Insertion Method – Accelerated MST ultrasound guided or direct visualisation.

Power Injectable – 8ml/sec, 325psi, 22.4 BAR

High Flow – 130ml/min

Blood Drawable

Kink Resistant – ChronoFlex C exclusive to Powerwand XL®

Extended Dwell – Technically a ‘midline’ the Powerwand XL® may be left in for up to 29 days; with built in GripLok® securement, it is designed to have fewer complications than tape or suture-secured lines.

Details –

  • 21 Gauge MicroAccess, echogenic needle
  • Nylon, Zero-Edge transition Dilator
  • .018” Nitinol, soft tip Guidewire
  • 4Fr ChronoFlex C, radiopaque, catheter
  • Securement – GripLok®
  • Powerinjectable extension line included
  • Patient Safety
  • POWERWAND® is a registered trademark of Access Scientific, Inc.
  • ChronoFlex® is a registered trademark of AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation.
  • GripLock® is a registered trademark of TIDI Products, Inc.

Clinical Studies –

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Manufacturer –

Access Scientific, Inc.

12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 360

San Diego, CA, 92130


Ordering Information –

Ref – Size – PU –
94222 3.0 F 10
94202 4.0 F 10
94212 5.0 F 10

PowerWand XL Brochure

PowerWand XL Insertion Technique