The pfm CT PICC is a peripherally inserted central venous catheter. It provides patient reliability, advanced technological features and comfort.

Product Description

Benefits –

Catheters are approved for CECT and MRI Injections.

The thermosensitive, polyurethane compatible material allows diagnostic imaging with alcohol, iodine and barium contrast medium.

Power injection up to 5ml/s at 300psi.

Catheters available in single and dual lumen configurations (triple lumens available o special request).

MRI Compatible.

Details –

Super Sharp Needle – A 21ga Echogenic Needle for greater visibility and a less traumatic insertion. The industry’s needle of choice.

Peelable Sheath – Features a unique ‘Wide Mouth’ opening for easy device insertion, lubricous Teflon for unsurpassed dilator to sheath transition, & ergonomically designed sheath handles for easy peel-away.

Nitinol Guidewires – Features radiopaque tips for greater radiopacity, and multiple wire lengths.

Printed Identification – And purple colour clearly denote maximum flow rates for contrast injection.

Technical Data –

Set components:

  • PICC with Stylet
  • Tuohy Borst Adaptor with Sideport Fitting
  • Peelable Sheath Introducer
  • Mini Scalpel
  • 40cm Guidewire
  • Tape Measure
  • 21g Introducer Safety Needle
  • Twisted Wire Stylet
  • Catheter Securement Device
  • Patient Information Pack
  • Guidewires available in different lengths – 40cm & 75cm

Ordering Information –

Ref – Size – Lumen – Catheter Length – Peelable Sheath Introducer – PU –
PFMCT4SS 4.0F (1.3mm) 1 55cm 4.5F (1.5mm) 5
PFMCT5SS 5.0F (1.7mm) 1 55cm 5.5F (1.8mm) 5
PFMCT5DS 5.0F (1.7mm) 2 55cm 5.5F (1.8mm) 5
Longwire Radiology PICCs –
PFMCT4SLWS 4.0F (1.3mm) 1 55cm 4.5F (1.5mm) 5
PFMCT4DLWS 5.0F (1.7mm) 2 55cm 5.5F (1.8mm) 5

PICC Brochure